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Notice to all Patients

Welcome Back!

We are open from Monday 8th of June 2020.

Please take some time to read the following information as it will help you to access appointments quickly and efficiently.

At this time, we are asking all patients who attend to wear a face covering. (eg mask, cloth face mask, scarf/snood are acceptable as long as they are tightly fitting). If you attend without one we do not have spare masks and we will ask you to leave. You may still be charged.

Please note that if you wish to purchase any bleach, Tepes or any other products we ask you to call with requirements, pay over the phone and we will arrange a collection time. This is to minimise footfall. (this is the nearest we can get to Click and Collect!)

The following notice is displayed outside the surgery for your information:

We would like to welcome back all of our patients and we thank you for your patience and understanding during this crisis. You will be aware that visiting us will look and feel very different initially, this is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our staff and the wider community.

Please read the following carefully before entering the building. If you are unsure about anything, knock and someone will come out to assist you. If you do not have an appointment you will not be permitted entry. If you are more than 5 minutes early we will ask you to wait outside. Please leave all coats and bags in your car if possible. Please bring your payment method in with you to avoid exit and re-entry.

    1. If you have had any symptoms of COVID 19 in the last 3 weeks do not enter under any circumstances.
    2. We are asking all patients to wear a face covering when attending the practice which is not to be removed until you are asked to do so. If you do not have a face covering you will not be permitted to enter and we are unable to provide you with one.
    3. If you are wearing gloves, please remove them before entering. Hand sanitiser is provided inside. We cannot risk contaminants entering the building on gloves worn outside.
    4. If someone has accompanied you today who does not have an appointment please ask them to wait outside. Exceptions will be made for children and vulnerable adults. Where possible please attend alone.
    5. Your temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer as you enter, if you have a fever you will be asked to leave.
    6. You will be asked to sanitise your hands at the desk and fill out all forms before your appointment.
    7. If you are a group of more than 2 people please send one person to check in at reception. The rest of the group can then wait outside until called and will be escorted through the back door.
    8. Please adhere to social distancing protocols as per government guidelines.
    9. Please note toilet facilities are not open to patients at this time.

Please understand that we have imposed these rules for the safety of all patients, staff and the local community. We ask for your patience and consideration of other patients and staff in these trying times. If you are unwilling to follow these measures you will be asked to leave.


Notice to all patients: Dental Treatments

Under current NHS guidelines we are unable to offer any treatment that produces an aerosol without correct PPE. As a practice we have chosen to take a cautious approach and offer assessment, advisory and stabilisation services to start with. As we are unable to use our "drill" we are able to offer only: semi-permanent sticky fillings, simple extractions, some denture work, routine examinations, assessment and x-ray. We are unable to do definitive fillings, crowns, bridges, root canal work or complex extractions. This is to primarily ensure patient and staff safety, and to avoid passing on the cost of expensive PPE to our patients. As a consequence some procedures may need to be delayed with interim solutions where appropriate. Your dentist will discuss this with you further during your appointment. We do not know when we will be able to resume the use of aerosol producing instruments. Rest assured we will start these as soon as it is safe to do so.

Notice to all patients: Hygiene Treatments

We are unable to offer 20 minute hygiene appointments at this time due to current guidelines that state we are not allowed to use ultrasonic instruments or polish teeth after a clean. Therefore all tooth cleaning will be done manually which is more time consuming. Standard appointment length will be 30 minutes or 45 minutes.The prices for these are £60 and £90 respectively. At this time we have not increased our prices for these appointments. Please note that “treatment time” (this includes meet and greet, medical history taking, consultation, oral hygiene instruction, note writing and hand scaling) will last 25 or 40 minutes. The last 5 minutes of all appointments will be used to decontaminate the room to a much higher standard for the next patient. We do not know when we will be able to resume the use of aerosol producing instruments. Rest assured we will start these as soon as it is safe to do so.

The following notice is displayed inside the surgery for your information:

Notice To All Patients

    • Dental practices are highly skilled in infection control and have well established protocols that are regularly checked and audited against government standards.
    • Please be reassured that we have always carried out extremely stringent infection control protocols and the safety of our patients is our number one priority.
    • We are regularly inspected by organisations that have a statutory role, to check that our cross infection procedures meet their requirements. The NHS, CQC and the local area teams have inspected us and we have always surpassed the standards they expect.
    • For each patient:
      • We don fresh gloves and use sterilised instruments.
      • All suction tips, mouthwash cups, gloves are single use and never reused. These are discarded after use.
      • All surfaces touched by either patient or staff during an appointment (including door handles, spittoon and entire chair) are wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant and instruments are sent for sterilisation.
    • Please note that all high touch areas such as door handles, reception desk, armrests on chairs, payment machine and pens are wiped regularly with hospital grade disinfectant.


    • Please feel free to ask clinical staff any questions you may have.
    • We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this trying time

We are one of the only NHS dental practices accepting new patient registrations.

Dr Bhargavi "Sangi" Bhatt is the Principal dentist and owner of Arch Dental Surgery, having qualified from Kings College London in 1996. She took over the practice in 2006.

We moved to a newly refurbished site in 2011 with four modern, bright surgeries and a spacious waiting room all serviced with brand new equipment.

Each week day we have two to three dental surgeries available to take care of our NHS patients, complimented with a private hygienist surgery available five days a week, Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm.

Arch Dental Surgery is a friendly NHS practice that has been seeing patients in the Ashtead area for over 30 years. We carry out all aspects of dentistry, NHS and private.

Our approach is ethical always putting our patients' needs first. We do this by working collaboratively with our patients, allowing us to secure the choice that is right for them.

Should our patients wish to use our private fees, our private fees are very competitive allowing the patients to access these treatments, a list of private fees is available at reception.

We are now able to offer off road parking and wheelchair access to our patients via a ramp to the side of the building.

The practice is currently taking on new NHS patients. If you are looking to secure an NHS place, please call us on 01372 275265 for an immediate registration appointment.

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